Data Registries and Repositories

Easy access to research data is becoming a vital part of scientific discovery, medical advancements and industrial innovation.

When used properly, your data can power strategic decisions and initiatives to make tangible impacts on productivity as well as your outcomes. It can provide empirical evidence to change the treatment pathways to optimize the health of your patients. It can be the driving force behind funders to further you scientific innovation.

Whether you would like to consolidate complex data streams from disparate sources into reports, analyze trends, create benchmarks or evaluate effectiveness and efficiency, we can help you put your data to work.


Starting a National Registry Begins with us.

Cissec is a leader in registry development. We provide a wide range of registry development services for both small and large data collection needs. Our expertise in data aggregation, reporting, analytics, and integration make us an ideal partner to help move your field forward.

At our core Cissec employs a web-based architecture which enables efficient, secure, and scalable multi-site collaboration. Our goal is to turn your data into information. Let our experience help you bring meaning to your data.

Features Listing and Benefits

  • Web-based architecture
  • PHI security compliant (HIPAA,PIPEDA)
  • Analysis, benchmarking and outcomes
  • Data validation and quality control
  • Fast and easy interfaces


  • Full Audit Tracking
  • Custom Reporting
  • Data extractions
  • Integration with disparate systems

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Recent News

AACVPR Outpatient Pulmonary Rehabilitation Registry Launched

Cissec is proud to announce the launch of the AACVPR Outpatient Pulmonary Rehabilitation Registry. This U.S. National Registry is a powerful tool for tracking patient outcomes and program performance in meeting evidence-based guidelines for secondary prevention of pulmonary disease.

Cissec shares in top award for Innovation in Health Information Management

Cissec has been recognized for its pivotal role in the development and implementation of the Interactive Symptom Assessment and Collection (ISAAC) Tool; Which won the 2008 top Canadian award for Innovation in Health Information Management.