Tracking and Recording Your Medical Experiences Is Finally Easy!

LogMD is the most effective way to track your medical experience, ensure breadth of training and compare your case proficiency to international standards. Institutions have long required medical professionals to keep track of the cases they perform as proof of medical training. This was initially done on paper… recently there’s been a variety of individual based logging programs which offer no extended value… now there’s LogMD. LogMD allows you to see your case counts relative to international, national and organizational standards. Track your cases in a web browser or on your mobile device and see how you measure up!

LogMD is based on the widely used Canadian which has been proven effective since its original launch in 2004. The is now the gold standard for resident experience recording and is officially mandated for Anesthesia residents in Canada. LogMD can be accessed on a 24/7 basis 365 days of the year to accommodate a medical resident’s challenging schedule. Residents can at their convenience enter their cases from any web accessible computer, iPhone (or smart phone device directly to a secure website).

Completion of the Residentlogbook / LogMD is now a professional responsibility for you as a Canadian Anesthesiology Resident. The LogMD will be a formal part of your journey of life-long learning as you record and reflect upon your professional activity. You will also contribute to the specialty by providing information which will be used to accredit your program and ultimately improve Canadian Anesthesiology Training.

Michael Sullivan Chair, specialty Committee in Anesthesiology RCPSC

Features Listing

  • Case Entry
  • Reporting
  • iPhone App
  • Mobile Entry
  • International Benchmarking
  • Cloud Based
  • Program Director Access
  • Staff Evaluations
  • Competency Based Assessment

The LogMD is the most comprehensive anesthesia logbook available on the Web allowing for rapid data entry on a variety of platforms. With almost two million procedural cases and scholarly activities already recorded Canada wide, LogMD is a field-proven compliment to your workflow.

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