From Paper to Progress!

Cissec ECM allows you to create an exact electronic equivalent of any paper based forms used for data collection. Using a tablet (iPad, Android or Windows) or desktop computer users can continue to collect data the same way they have in the past. With the exception that, data can now be validated as it’s being entered on the page, minimizing errors. The data is instantly located in a database where it can be managed and sent to multiple clinical systems, such as EMR’s and the National AACVPR registries (Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation)

ECM can also be used to archive your paper- based patient records allowing for quick data retrieval and reporting. This permits your organization to continue collecting using the existing workflows, while collecting and transmitting key data in one step. ECM's reporting abilities may be tailored to fit your organization's specific needs, allowing you to quickly create an effective and inexpensive clinical management tool specific to your organization.

Features Listing

  • Multiple Forms/Surveys - Supports multidisciplinary forms by patient. For example several forms each for Dietitians, nurses, clinicians and administrators can be implemented.
  • Prepopulated Data - Data from existing external systems or previously collected forms can be carried forward to new forms to minimize the amount of data that needs to be collected.
  • Front-End Page Validation - Forms are created to minimize errors when collecting data. Custom validation may also be defined on a form-by-form basis.
  • Integration - ECM can be integrated to provide its data to multiple sources. Users can elect to send their data to the AACVPR Registries as well as other internal/external clinical systems.
  • Local Storage of Data - Data can be kept local within the bricks and mortar of the facility collecting the data.
  • Perform Data Extractions - ECM can be used for low cost research, all data is accessible in a raw “ready for analysis” format for outcomes monitoring and continuous quality improvement.
  • Fast and Smooth Retrieval - Retrieving your patient’s paper based record can be a time consuming and costly exercise particularly if records are kept off site. With Cissec’s ECM, all the documents are stored centrally, allowing you locate & retrieve any document in seconds without leaving your desk.


  • Disaster Recovery - Cissec ECM is a centralized file repository, which makes it easy for your clinic to create regular offsite backups as part of your disaster recovery process.
  • Low Cost - Forms start at $2.00 per day
  • Consistent Workflow - ECM allows clinics to continue to practice medicine the way they have always done.
  • No Duplicate Entry - Data can be collected at the point of care and seamlessly sent to multiple systems including the AACVPR Registries. Data does not have to be transcribed from a piece of paper into multiple systems.
  • PHI Security Compliant - fully compliant with Canadian PHIPA and PIPEDA regulations, as well as U.S. HIPAA regulations.
  • Free up and Re-Purpose Paper Storage Space - Scanning documents into Cissec’s ECM, can eliminate the physical storage space ordinarily consumed by paper.
  • Role Based Security - Cissec’s ECM makes it easy to access, share and distribute documents electronically “on a need to know basis“ in a safe and controlled manner using “role based” security access.
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Recent News

AACVPR Outpatient Pulmonary Rehabilitation Registry Launched

Cissec is proud to announce the launch of the AACVPR Outpatient Pulmonary Rehabilitation Registry. This U.S. National Registry is a powerful tool for tracking patient outcomes and program performance in meeting evidence-based guidelines for secondary prevention of pulmonary disease.

Cissec shares in top award for Innovation in Health Information Management

Cissec has been recognized for its pivotal role in the development and implementation of the Interactive Symptom Assessment and Collection (ISAAC) Tool; Which won the 2008 top Canadian award for Innovation in Health Information Management.