Easy migration from paper to electronic forms

EZ Forms is an electronic carbon copy of any of paper based forms used for data collection every day. Using a desktop computer or tablet (iPad, Android, Windows) users can collect data the same way they would have on a piece of paper. With the exception being that it provides the ability to validate the data as it’s being entered on the page, thereby eliminating human errors. The data is instantly located in a database where it can be accessed for research and/or sent to other systems, such as a registry.

EZ Manager is a product which archives your completed EZ Form papers, and allows for quick data retrieval and reporting based on the data entered into the forms. This data may also be transmitted from EZManager to a third party application or registry. This allows your organization to continue collecting data in the paper based system you are accustomed with, while transmitting key data to a centralized registry. EZ Manager's dataset and reporting abilities may be tailored to fit your organization's specific needs, allowing you to quickly and cheaply create an effective small scale registry or clinical management tool specific to your organization.

EzForm Demonstration

Research survey

Simple surveys are put online with ease.
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Customer information form

Customer information is quickly and easily turned into valuable data.
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Medical form

Medical forms in a fraction of the time it normally takes to get approval.
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Features Listing

  • Multiple Forms/Surveys - Users can implement multiple forms in one system – a form for Dietitians, nurses, clinicians and administrators can be implemented. Using a divide and conquer approach to data entry. The total of which will form to make a patients overall health record.
  • Prepopulated Data - Data from existing external systems or previously collected forms can be carried forward to new forms to minimize the amount of data that needs to be collected.
  • Front-End Page Validation - Forms can be created to minimize data errors when collecting data. Ensuring accuracy when entering data (phone numbers, integers, decimal, lookup tables, text, etc.). Custom validation may also be defined on a form-by-form basis.
  • Integration - EZForms can be integrated so that it can provide its data to several sources for consumption. Users can elect to send their data to the Registry as well as multiple other internal/external clinical systems. Integration isn’t a requirement of the system; EZForms can exist as a standalone system.
  • Local Storage of Data - Data can be kept local within the bricks and mortar of the facility collecting the data. Depersonalized forms can also be hosted offsite.
  • Perform Data Extractions - EZ Manager can be used for low cost research, all data is accessible in a raw, “ready for analysis” format.

Value to Users

  • Low Cost - Forms start at $300.00 per page, other payment options are available such as pay-per–use programs.
  • Consistent Workflow - Users of EZForms do not have to alter their workflow, by implementing existing forms; users can practice medicine the way that they have always done it – with the simple addition of an iPad or a tablet pc.
  • Validated Data - Data can be validated as the data is being collected, EZForms uses existing lookups and data type validation to limit/control the options that users can select as they enter data into form.
  • No Duplicate Entry - Data can be collected at the point of care and seamlessly sent to multiple systems including the AACVPR Registries. Data does not have to be transcribed from a piece of paper into multiple system.
  • Multiple Forms - Multiple forms can be used to create a single data set – the combination of relevant clinical data from all forms could be collected and sent to the registry.
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