AQUILO Interface System for National Registries

For small to medium clinics that lack funding and IT resources, Aquilo is a viable alternative to large scale, expensive clinical management systems. It allows these clinics to participate in data collection for registries to help establish clinical guidelines to improve patient outcomes, while providing the clinics with effective patient management capabilities.

Aquilo is essentially a web browser created by Cissec, which is used to enhance data entry for registries and clinical management systems. It houses a local and encrypted data set comprised of detailed patient information that wouldn’t otherwise be allowed to form part of the registry dataset, for HIPAA compliancy reason. This data is stored locally at the clinic site and dynamically inserted over existing data elements in the registry as the user navigates from patient to patient. This personalized data is never sent to the registry completely eliminating the HIPAA privacy issues.

Cissec offers both desktop and tablet based Aquilo solutions. The implementation of Aquilo is customized for the registry it is to be connected with, in order to provide users with a personalized experience.

Value to Users:

  • Eliminate privacy concerns - Personalized health information is never sent to the registry, completely eliminated HIPAA privacy issues.
  • Customized local reporting to allied health professionals - Users are able to use their own existing reports. Aquilo houses a built in report management system that works similar to Mail Merge in Word Perfect. The system combines Aquilo’s private data and combines it with the registries clinical data to create rich detailed reports.
  • Manage and find patients more effectively - Capture any personal information pertaining to your patients including full name and health card number in a safe and secure manner.
  • Low cost clinical management system - Starting costs for Aquilo are approximately $1000.00 per clinic and $100 per user. Annual licensing and support costs are $500/clinic and $50/user. Though this could vary depending on business volume.

Value to Your Registry:

  • Improved User Adoption - Aquilo can be offered to those clinics that have issue’s participating due to the complexities of the Business Associates Agreement (BAA) and/or the privacy issues therein. Because Aquilo creates a separation of the local private data and the data sent to the registry, the two data sets exist in isolation. There are no privacy concerns using this technology. Sites could participate in the registry without providing any identifying information to the patient whatsoever.
  • Low Cost Solution - A lack of technology at the clinic level is a barrier to participation, a low cost alternative would likely increase participation in these clinics.
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