Clinical Management System for Acute Pain Services

ACUPAM is a patient management software program, designed by clinicians for clinicians, to specifically address the needs of an Acute Pain Service. It enables members of a healthcare team to record and access real-time information at the patient's bedside, using portable tablets and wireless connectivity. The system can also be used from any of a hospital’s networked PC’s.

ACUPAM also has the ability to completely and securely integrate with existing hospital clinical systems in order to display their relevant information.

For patients, the use of ACUPAM is not only perceived positively, but the quality and effectiveness of their care is enhanced in measurable ways. Healthcare professionals are better able to treat their patients by using ACUPAM to closely monitor individual pain experience, medication therapy and results, thereby improving patient outcomes.

Ease of use by healthcare professionals has been a primary consideration since its early development. A well designed user interface, combined with increasing familiarity with technology in the workplace, has all but eliminated adoption issues.

ACUPAM's real time data contributes to continuous quality improvement, safety and outcome monitoring, while also creating a highly granulated, queryable database for research, funding applications and Phase IV drug trials. This research can be accomplished on a local level or in collaboration with other ACUPAM enabled institutions.

Cissec Corporation entered the healthcare field in 2000 as the technology component of QUAIL (Queen's University Anesthesiology Informatics Laboratory) in Kingston, Ontario. Over the course of several years the group's initial project evolved significantly to its current state as an essential electronic tool which improves the efficiency and effectiveness of any hospital's Acute Pain Service. ACUPAM is setting the standard at a growing number of hospitals across Canada. It is also scalable for implementation at single hospitals or multi-site organizations.

Cissec's ACUPAM has been studied and validated by researchers, which resulted in several published articles (click here to view a PDF of the Pain Medicine Journal, 2007 article, which includes references to other publications).

Features Listing

  • Records daily assessments at the bedside
  • Integrates with hospital systems to display real-time data
    • Reg/ADT demographics
    • Labs
    • Pharmacy
    • OR scheduling
  • Creates comprehensive database for research and CQI
  • Wireless tablets for portability and/or LAN based PC’s
  • Produces daily summary report for designated patients
  • Scalable for single or multi-site institutions
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