Cissec ECM

Cissec’s ECM is an Electronic Chart Management system specifically designed to manage documents scanned from a patient’s paper based chart record. Cissec’s ECM is easy to use, powerful and a cost-effective document management software that allows clinics to centralize the management, storage, retrieval and distribution of archived patient data. It is also fully compliant with Canadian PHIPA and PIPEDA regulations, as well as U.S. HIPAA regulations.

Scan your pre-existing paper based patient records into Cissec’s ECM and dramatically improve work flow by eliminating those time consuming trips to the file room. Re-purpose your dead file space to create a revenue generating space.

If you store your patient records off-site, eliminate the cost (courier) and time delays (up to six hours) associated with calls to the document storage warehouse to retrieve a particular record. Archived patient can be accessed in seconds using Cissec’s intuitive Electronic Chart Manager.

Features Listing and Benefits

  • PHI Security Compliant - fully compliant with Canadian PHIPA and PIPEDA regulations, as well as U.S. HIPAA regulations.
  • Local Storage of Data - Data is stored within the bricks and mortar of your facility and instantly accessible.
  • Free up and Re-Purpose Dead Storage Space - Scanning documents into Cissec’s ECM, will eliminate the physical storage space, ordinarily consumed by paper. Convert you storage space into a consult Room, for nurse practioners, Dieticians, or patient waiting area.
  • Fast and Smooth Retrieval - Retrieving your patient’s paper based record can be a time consuming and costly exercise particularly if records are kept off site. With Cissec’s ECM, all the documents are stored centrally, allowing you locate & retrieve any document in seconds without leaving your desk.


  • Flexible Indexing - Indexing thousands of papers of a differing nature can be a very tiring, time-consuming & costly. Cissec’s ECM lets you index all your patient documents at no extra cost.
  • Role Based Security - Cissec’s ECM makes it easy to access, share and distribute documents electronically “on a need to know bases“ in a safe and controlled manner using “role based” security access. Easily determine who has access to patient data.
  • Disaster Recovery - Cissec ECM is a centralized file repository, which makes it easy for your clinic to create regular offsite backups as part of your disaster recovery process.
Contact Cissec Sales and Marketing Department to learn how Cissec’s ECM can substantially ease the burden of maintaining pre-existing paper based patient records in a safe and secure manner.
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Recent News

AACVPR Outpatient Pulmonary Rehabilitation Registry Launched

Cissec is proud to announce the launch of the AACVPR Outpatient Pulmonary Rehabilitation Registry. This U.S. National Registry is a powerful tool for tracking patient outcomes and program performance in meeting evidence-based guidelines for secondary prevention of pulmonary disease.

Cissec shares in top award for Innovation in Health Information Management

Cissec has been recognized for its pivotal role in the development and implementation of the Interactive Symptom Assessment and Collection (ISAAC) Tool; Which won the 2008 top Canadian award for Innovation in Health Information Management.